Lab Features:

  • Three-floor, 70/30 Lab-to-office design ratio
  • Floor-floor height of 14’8” with 32’ bay spacing
  • Electronic loading and vibration guidelines designed to 8,000 to 2,000 micro inches/second @ 75 steps
  • 150lb/sf live load in penthouse with 100lb/sf on all floors
  • Dedicated expansion space for lab systems including vertically distributed chases, mechanical rooms and rooftop accommodations for supplemental cooling, steam boilers, rated exhaust for H2 or H3 storage rooms, process piping, lab gases, compressed air, vacuum and RO/DI water
  • Common pH holding tank area
  • First floor chemical storage
  • Non-potable and condenser water riser system
  • Up to 2.0 CFM per square foot 100% outdoor air delivered from custom air handling units for lab and office
  • Up to 2.0 CFM per useable square foot for general lab exhaust
  • 46 tons per floor of process chilled water capacity
  • 46 tons per floor of process condenser water capacity
  • Tempered water riser system for emergency fixture use

Loading Dock & Elevator Access:

  • Two elevators (one passenger, one 4,000 lb service) with shaft space dedicated for a third
  • Two truck bays


  • Central chilled water plant
  • Central heating hot water condensing boilers
  • Energy efficient VAV system for office areas
  • Energy efficient plumbing fixtures and shower rooms


  • Primary service feed 3,000 AMP, 480/277 volt, 3-phase service
  • 12 watts/sf for tenant distribution
  • 15 watts/sf for lab area